Walpole Community Television



The television studio facility is located at 1034 East Street. Programs are recorded at the facilities at 1034 and broadcast both daily and nightly. The programs are acquired via mini DV format and the finished product is finalized to DVD-Disc for playback from the same facility to both Comcast and Verizon for town wide distribution.

Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 31 - The Public Access Channels

WCTV broadcasts over 40 hours of local programming per week to the town of Walpole. The wide variety of programs shown during the year include sports, the arts, movie and book reviews, real estate, health related issues and important topics concerning seniors. WCTV recognizes the dedication of three individual Producers who have completed well over 300 programs. PREVIEW recently marked it's 354th show, while IMPRESSIONS neared the 350 milestone and ARTSPACE logged program number 388.

Comcast Channel 12 and Verizon Channel 32 – The Education Channels

The education channel originates from Walpole High School. The production facility's equipment is in part provided by WCTV and assists in benefitting school curriculum activities. The high school class has been recognized for it's award winning television news.

Comcast Channel 22 and Verizon Channel 30 – The Government Channels

WCTV provides to the town Walpole live coverage of the Board of Selectmen meetings on Comcast channel 22 and Verizon channel 30. Similarly, Walpole Community Television also provides live coverage of School Committee meetings. Both meetings are made capable by robotic cameras and equipment provided by WCTV through it's funding. Spring and Fall town meetings are also covered and broadcast to the town live via WCTV's mobile production truck. Also, each year WCTV originates coverage of Candidates's Night and live local election coverage.